Founded in 1985, Lewes u3a has grown into a thriving organisation with over 950 members.

Our purpose is to sustain and develop opportunities for members to pursue interests through stimulating group study, talks, visits and activities. Our Constitution may be viewed at Constitution.

The cost of annual membership, groups and activities will be kept low, and Lewes u3a will encourage all not in full-time employment to join and participate. Organising, contributing to and running Lewes u3a is on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

The Groups being run for the current period can be found at  Groups and the Timetable at Quarterly Timetable 

Lewes u3a publishes a monthly bulletin. The current and past issues can be found at  Bulletins

Lewes u3a publishes a member's handbook which is being revised to reflect the new management system being used.

Copies of Lewes u3a's policies are available at  Policies  covering:

    Data Protection
    Health and Safety, and

Click here  for information on cost and how to join



The Third Age Trust - The National u3a organisation

The Third Age Trust is the national representative body for u3as. It provides educational and administrative support to individual u3as and their members including insurance cover for meetings. Members receive copies of the magazine Third Age Matters every March, June and October. More information may be found at Third Age Trust

Innovative new activities required

If you have recently retired or have partly retired, Lewes u3a needs your fresh ideas, which can be based either on your work knowledge or your hobbies. In particular, if you have an unusual interest that you would like to share with others, we would like to hear from you. Our aim is to provide as many activities as possible throughout the year, on any day and at any time, to help give our members new opportunities to learn, come together and enjoy themselves. Many of our activities, see  Groups, are the traditional ones that could be expected and are very popular such as languages, art, science, history and bridge. However, with imagination, any practical skills can be shared, for example: crafts, mechanics, learning a musical instrument and cooking. We have just started a dowsing group which is highly successful. We also need group leaders for beginner groups in less usually taught modern languages.

You can present your new activity at home, in a hired venue we will organise for you, or online. We have all the necessary equipment for Zooming or hybrid activities.

You will have freedom to run a short or a long running activity, one off or repeated. All you need is the idea and the enthusiasm to lead a group of interested people, and a little organisational skill, and we will provide any necessary support.

Please contact me,  Group Facilitator, if you would like to join us in this exciting venture.

Michael Austin